SCS offers a wide range of meter proving services. We have small volume provers, ball provers and master meter proving. At SCS, we work to ensure customer satisfaction and absolute accurate measurement. Our personnel have more than 20 years of proving and measurement experience to serve our customers and their needs. Our highly experienced technicians are ready to complete all of your proving needs.

SCS Offers:

                   . LACT proving

                   . 700 psi

                   . Low Volume

                   . High Volume

                   . Master Meter

                   . Pro Link Ability

The SCS team are able to build, rebuild and service provers. SCS also services and repairs LACT units and all around oilfield equipment. We’re also able to connect with Pro Link to zero, set or manage anything on Micro Motion Meters etc.

Based in Big Spring, we are able to service all of Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma with the ability to expand. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our services.

Robert McAlister
(940) 733-0743